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SunRay Quad UV Flood Curing System

- 110 mW/cm2 intensity @ 4"
- Large 16' x 12" UV cure area
- Solid state - constant power
- Optional UV cure chamber
- Standby Power Switch
- 4 Long-Life Arc Lamps

About SunRay Quad UV Flood Cure System

SunRay Quad UV Flood Cure Unit is an economical, large area, high-power UV flood curing system. All components are incorporated into the lamp head which can be easily mounted on the Rayven Quad cure chamber, or anywhere on a factory floor, with virtually no cabling or remote power boxes required. Just mount the head, connect the AC line cord, and start curing! Four long-life 600 watt arc lamps and parabolic reflectors illuminate a large 16" x 12" curing area with evenly distributed UV light. The arc lamps are powered by the state of the art UV Power-Plus Lamp Driver.

Elapsed Hour Meter
SunRay Quad includes an elapsed hour meter on the front panel to allow for consistent lamp replacement scheduling.

Lamp Power regulation
The system’s switch mode power supply with auto-ranging input maintains constant lamp power regardless of variations in AC line input or lamp voltages. This regulation provides for repeatable curing times and longer lamp life..

Standby Mode
SunRay Quad includes a Standby Mode switch which reduces lamp power when the system is idling. This reduces excessive heat and therefore increases life of system components, without the need to power down.

Remote Control /Logic Interface
SunRay Quad can be remotely monitored and controlled using a connector on the rear of the unit.

SunRay Quad UV Flood with Rayven Quad Chamber SunRay Quad as a UV Curing Chamber
SunRay Quad can also be easily connected to the optional Rayven Quad oven to create a powerful UV cure chamber.

SunRay Quad UV Flood Information Sheet

Item Number:
SunRay Quad UV Flood System
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$7,089.00 $6,950.00 (Save 2%)
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Choose Lamp Wavelength

Lamp Wavelength and Power*
UVA 316nm-400nm 600 Watt
UVB 280nm-315nm 600 Watt ($220.00)
Visible 420nm Ctr 600 Watt ($864.00)

Raven Quad UV Chamber Option

Optional Raven Quad UV Cure Chamber
Raven Quad UV Curing Chamber ($2,230.00)
SunRay Quad UV Flood Curing System
SunRay Quad UV Flood Curing System
SunRay Quad UV Flood Curing System
SunRay Quad UV Flood Curing System
System Type Parabolic Flood Curing System
Part # UV2842
Lamp Power 2400W (4 x 600W)
Input Voltage 200-240 VAC ±10%
Input Current (Max) 16 Amps
@ 4"
110 mW/cm2 UVA, typical
Curing Area 16" x 12"
Weight 24.5 lbs
Size (L x W x H) 17.45” x 23” x 7.75”

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