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UV Conveyor 40 plus

  • 9 inch wide belt, 6 inch cure width
  • Intensity: 175 mW/cm2 UVA @ 3"
  • Variable speed, up to 12 ft/min - Digital speed display
  • Adjustable lamp height & full UV shielding
  • Dual spectrum lamp capable
  • Benchtop or w/ optional mounting stands

About UV Conveyor 40
The Uvitron UV Conveyor 40 is a bench-top or stand-mounted UV light curing conveyor system, designed for high volume production or laboratory applications. The conveyor features a quiet variable speed motor, with a velocity regulating drive that keeps the belt speed constant for varying loads. The system can be configured with single or dual high intensity lamp heads, which can be removed and reconfigured as stand mounted systems for increased versatility. The belt-to-lamp height can be easily adjusted from 1.5 to 5 inches, for improved compatibility with varying part sizes. The UV conveyor can be configured with one or two SunRay UV Flood lamp heads, or with the higher powered SkyRay UV LED lamp heads. The system can also be configured for side curing with the PortaRay UV lamp heads.

Adjustable Lamp Height
Foldaway end covers provide quick access to height adjustment pins, which provide perfectly repeatable settings of lamp head to belt distance.

Adjustable End Chute
The system has an adjustable position end chute for accumulating cured parts as they exit the conveyor.

0.5 to 12 Ft./min., >100 mW/cm2, Exposure: 1 lamp = 3.3-80 sec. (333-8,000mJ), 2 lamps = 6.65 to 160 sec. (665-16,000mJ).

Digital Speed Readout and E-stop Switch
A digital rate meter accurately displays the conveyor's belt speed in feet per minute, allowing for repeatable curing time settings. An emergency stop switch provides for quick and safe shutdown of conveyor and lamps.

Removable Lamp Heads
The system's dual lamp heads can be easily removed for bulb replacement and maintenance. The lamp heads can also be moved quickly from the conveyor to optional low cost shielded mounting stands. This feature allows for offline engineering process testing, and maximum equipment utilization.

Exhaust Port
The light chamber has a top-mounted 3" diameter port, for optional venting to facility exhaust systems.

Dual Spectrum Capable
The UV Conveyor 40 dual lamp heads offer the unique curing advantage of mixing any of its 4 available lamp spectrum types. For instance, the conveyor's first lamp head can be fitted with a UVB lamp for sealing the surface, preventing oxygen from diffusing and causing surface tackiness. The second lamp can be a UVA type whose longer wavelengths penetrate more effectively, providing deeper curing. This method optimizes adhesive reaction speed without the need for expensive nitrogen purge or the delays of pulse curing.

Full UV Shielding
The conveyor light chamber is totally enclosed, shielding the operator and passer-bys from any UV light. The light chamber entrance and exit are protected by sliding tinted acrylic doors with extended hoods.

Optional Mounting Stands
The system may be configured with extruded aluminum height adjustable mounting stands. The stands have unique swivel support brackets that allow them to support inclined conveyors, as well as provide angular transitions between continuous conveyors.

Wavelength, Optical Power and Other Options
The UV Conveyor 40 can be configured with various reflector, and lamp spectrum options, as outlined in Ordering Information below. Other conveyor lengths are available as special order. Many accessories are also available for configuring the conveyor system into an automated assembly center: Over-belt counter tops, under-belt storage bins, walk-thru gate sections, 90-turn wheels, end to end or end to side belt transition plates, product end stops, half stops, guide rails, photoelectric sensors, convenience outlets, remote foot pedals, etc.

Ordering Information
Because of the many different curing options and output wavelengths available for this system, the price below is for the UV Conveyor 40 unit and options chosen below and does not include lamps or lamp heads. You can supply your own lamp heads or order our units from their respective pages. Links to these products can be found below. 2 curing slots are available on the top of the unit, so you can choose 1 or 2 SunRay, or 1 or 2 SkyRay LED units, or a combination 1 SunRay and 1 SkyRay. For side curing you will need to add 1 or 2 PortaRay systems, depending on whether you wish to cure just one side, or both sides.

Click Here to Order SunRay UV Flood Units

Click Here to Order SkyRay UV LED Flood Units
Note: For the SkyRay units you will also need to order UV3699 for each unit. This is the Mounting Bracket Kit for Raven Chamber option shown on the SkyRay ordering page.

Click Here to order PortaRay units for the side curing option

Item Number:
UV Conveyor 40 Plus
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$12,640.00 $12,250.00 (Save 3%)
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Item Options

Electrical Supply Voltage*
120V 60 Hz (standard North American)
220V 50 Hz
Optional Mounting Stands
UV Conveyor Mounting Stands (2) ($1,060.00)

Side Curing Option

Conveyor Side Curing Option
This option is for side curing capabilities, and allows PortaRay UV units to be mounted on each side of the conveyor This option does not include the PortaRay or lamps and is only available in 220V. Click Here for the PortaRay UV System.
Side Cure Option ($690.00)
UV Conveyor 40 plus
UV Conveyor 40 plus
UV Conveyor 40 plus
UV Conveyor 40 plus
System Type Conveyor, variable speed
Part # UV1052 (120VAC),
UV0887 (240VAC)
Lamp Power 400 or 600 Watt
Input Voltage 100-120 or 200-240VAC 10% ranges
Input Current (Max) 20 Amps @120V,
10 Amps @ 240V
Curing Energy 831 to 19950 mJ/cm2
(2 x 400W UVA)
Curing Width 6" exposure width,
9" max part width
Belt Width 9.0 inches
Belt Speed 0.5 to 12 feet/min
Lamp Height, Adjustable 1.5" to 5"
Size/Weight 54 x 14 x 12, 51 lbs.

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