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ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber

The ELC-500 UV cure chamber is a completely contained, operator safe, UV exposure chamber - ideal for applications that require exposure on multiple sides simultaneously. The heart of this system uses an array of custom designed lamps emitting a peak wavelength 365nm. This long-wave UVA portion of the light spectrum is most effective for rapid curing UV materials or adhesives.

The ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber features a digital countdown programmable timer to assure repeatable results, power-down mode, safety interrupt switch, viewing panel and exposure completion audible signal. The internal chamber is lined with highly reflective material, assuring even light distribution, and also includes a clear rotating table for uniform curing, making this unit a great choice for multi-dimensional UV curing.

Also available in 470nm Visible Light.

ELC-500 Information Sheet

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ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber
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$1,409.00 $1,345.00 (Save 5%)
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Electrical Supply Voltage*
120V 60 Hz (standard North American)
220V 50 Hz
Output Wavelength*
365 nm (standard UV curing)
470 nm (Visible Light curing)
ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber
ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber
ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber
ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber
ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber Specifications:
Overall Dimensions: 9" L x 9" W x 8" H 
(228.6 mm L) x (228.6W) x (203.2mm H)
Weight: 8 lbs  (3.6 kg)
Cure / Exposure Area: 7" L x 5" W x 3" H   - Shelf
(177.8 mm L x (127 mm W) x (76.2 mm H)
4" (101.6 mm) diameter - turntable
Electrical Voltage Choice: 120V 60 Hz .8 A or 220V 50 Hz .4 A
Output Peak Wavelength: Choice:  365nm (standard UV curing) : 470nm (blue light - visible) : 365nm Black Light Inspection
Optical Power Output: 30mw/cm2 @ 365nm
Number of Lamps: 4
Lamp Type: 9 W compact florescent UVA with two pin G23 base
Construction Painted Steel
Timer: 6 sec - 9.9 minutes - repeatable. Sets in 6 second intervals.
Warranty: 1 Year
Replacement Parts

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