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ELC-4908 Conformal Coating

The ELC-4908 is a low viscosity, highly toughened, clear UV compound that provides a self leveling coating for plastic circuit boards, labels, lenses and small electronic components. Used widely as a conformal coating, it has excellent toughness, strength and abrasion resistance in thin films, as well as moisture and solvent resistance.

 ELC-4908 cures rapidly, in 5 seconds or less when exposed to medium power ultraviolet light. Cured performance shows excellent solvent resistance capability with good toughness and durability at all temperatures. It is designed for protecting components like LEDs, labels, PCBs from harsh environments or chemicals during processing and service life.
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ELC-4908 Conformal Coating
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ELC-4908 Conformal Coating
Typical Unured Properties::

Viscosity: 600-1000 cPs (2 rpm, Spindle 4) - sp 5 Brookfield

Specific Gravity: 1.05 (20/20C)

Color: water white clear

Flashpoint: greater than 200F (COC method)

Toxicity: low to moderate, see MSDS

Clean Up Solvents: Acetone MEK

Typical Cured Properties:

Shore D Hardness: 60-65

Thermal Service Range: -40C to 150C

Elongation: >40% estimated

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