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BondWand UV Cure Unit - Replacement Parts

Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit - Replacement Parts

ELC-4001 UV Flood System - Replacement Parts

ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber - Replacement Parts

Electro-Cure UV Multipole - Replacement Parts

Electro-Cure UV Single-Pole - Replacement Parts

Electronics Industry - UV Materials

General Purpose - UV Adhesives

Hearing Aid Industry - UV Materials

LED-200 UV LED - Replacement Parts

Optics Industry - UV Adhesives

Other Equipment / Accessories

Parts / Accessories

SpotCure-B UV LED - Replacement Parts

Spotty-B UV LED Spot Cure - Replacement Parts

Spotty-P Portable UV LED Spot Cure - Replacement Parts

UV Adhesives & Coatings

UV Cure Chambers

UV Cure Equipment

UV LED Multipole Systems

UV Protective Eyewear

UV Replacement Lamps

UV Splash / Flood Cure

UV Spot Cure Equipment

UV9W-2 UV Cure Unit - Replacement Parts

Online Store Products

3010E UV Safety / Bonding Glasses

3010F UV Safety / Bonding Glasses

3011B36 SpotCure-B6 UV Curing Probe - 365nm

3011B40 SpotCure-B6 UV Curing Probe - 405nm

3011B46 SpotCure-B6 Visible Curing Probe - 460nm

3020E UV Safety / Bonding Glasses

3020F UV Safety / Bonding Glasses

80001 ELC-4001 UV Flood System E4 Protective Glass

81006 Small Parts Vial

81116 ELC-4001 Power Supply - 120V 60Hz

81117 ELC-4001 Power Supply - 220V 50Hz

81445 ELC-4001 Replacement Fan

82011 ELC-4001 365nm UV Flood lamp

82038 ELC-4001 420nm Visible Flood lamp

82039 ELC-4001 Optional UV Curing Frame

82058 ELC-4001 290nm UV Flood lamp

82106 ELC-4001 Replacement Lamp Socket

82149 ELC-4001 Replacement Shield for Curing Frame

82225 ELC-4001 Lamp Module - 365nm

82251 ELC-4001 Replacement Reflector

82532 ELC-4001 Replacement Ballast

82539 Footswitch

82628 LED-200 light barrel

82632 ELC-4001 Lamp Module - 290nm

82633 ELC-4001 Lamp Module - 420nm

82675 ELC-4001 12V Power Supply for Fans

82702 ELC-4001 Power Supply Rebuild Kit

82723 ELC-4001 Power Supply Replacement Kit

82816 UV Pole - 365nm

82843 Battery Charger for LED-200 UV LED

82845 Battery for LED-200 UV LED

83505 ELC-4001 Replacement Igniter

84376 Replacement Nose Cone

9V Battery Pack for Spotty UV Unit

9W UV Lamp 365nm

9W Visible Lamp 470nm

BondWand Replacemet Shield - Translucent Orange Open

BondWand Replacemet Shield - Translucent orange Solid

BondWand UV Cure Table Mount

BondWand UV Cure Unit

BondWand UV Cure Unit Lamp Shield

Colloid-Saver Duplicator - 3.5 Gallon

DCTX-122 Wall Transformer 12VDC 200ma

Door Knob for ELC-500

Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit

ELC-2500 UV Encapsulating Material

ELC-4001 UV Flood Cure System

ELC-4100 UV Adhesive

ELC-4481 UV Adhesive

ELC-4908 Conformal Coating

ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber

Electro-Cure Multi-pole UV LED Cure System

Electro-Cure Single-pole UV LED Cure System

Fotofix UV Faceplate Adhesive - 20ml

Fotoplast S/IO UV Shell Material

Fotoplast UV Lacquer-3

Fotoplast-S/Hard UV Earmold Material

Fototplast UV Gel

Hydrocolloid Duplicator - 3 Gallon

Krystalloid Duplicating Material

LED-200 UV LED Spot Cure Unit

Power Cord - North America

Replacement Mirror Tray - Dual-Lite

Replacement Tray Guard UV9W-2

Shelf for ELC-500 - Clear

SpotCure-B UV LED Cure System

SpotCure-G UV LED Cure System

Spotty Inspection Head - White Light

Spotty UV Cure Head - 365nm

Spotty UV Cure Head - 395nm

Spotty UV cure unit Carrying Case

Spotty UV LED Hand-Piece

Spotty Visible Cure Head - 470nm

Spotty-B UV LED Spot Cure Unit

Spotty-P Portable UV LED Cure Unit

Thermosoft UV Lacquer-3

Thermosoft UV Soft Earmold Material

Touch Panel Display for ELC-500

Turn-table for ELC-500

UV9W-2 UV Cure Unit

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