Electro-Cure Multi-pole UV LED Cure System

Electro-Cure Multi-pole UV LED Cure System
The Electro-Cure Multi-Pole UV LED Curing System operates 2, 3 or 4 high-powered UV LEDs to allow curing from several angles or different locations simultaneously. Each pole emits 2.5 Watts/cm2 and can be incorporated into any X-Y motion control system, or similar fixture for automated production, and can be controlled via optional footswitch or computer signaling through a PLC.

UV output power can be set from 5%-100% to give the exact amount of power required for the curing process. LED life is 20,000 hours and the output does not degrade so the process remains constant over time.

No lamps to replace or light guides to degrade - Zero cost of ownership!

Here are some examples where the UV LED Multi-pole system can be of great benefit:

   Lens Setting using 4 poles:

Catheter bonding using three poles

Ordering Information:
The price shown is the UV Multi-pole unit with two UV Curing Poles. Choose up to 4 Curing Poles by selecting the desired number from the options selection below:

UV Output: 2.5 W/cm2 @365nm / pole

Input Power: 110-120V 50/60 Hz / 220-240V 50/60 Hz

LED Life: 20,000 hrs

Controls: Digital

UV set point: 5% to 100%

Timer: 1 to 180 seconds in 10 second intervals

On/Off: Panel, foot pedal, or remote

Dimensions: 9 D x 10 W x 4 H

Electro-Cure Multi-Pole UV LED Information Sheet

Replacement parts for the Electro-Cure UV LED Multi-Pole System can be found here:
Electro-Cure UV LED Multi-Pole Replacement Parts

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