Spotty-B UV LED Spot Cure Unit

Spotty-B UV LED Spot Cure Unit
Spotty-B is a hand-held UV LED spot cure system designed for applications that require curing of UV coatings or UV adhesives. Spotty-B is extremely easy to use - simply plug in Spotty-B, plug in the desired cure head, and it is ready to go. Spotty-B has interchangeable UV cure heads which simply plug into the unit for fast and convenient wavelength changes. Cure heads are available in 365nm, 395nm, 470nm, as well as a White Light inspection head.

Spotty-B includes the handpiece, wall transformer, and choice of cure head. Additional cure heads and accessories can be purchased under the Replacement Parts Tab on this page.

Spotty-B is a great low-power UV cure unit and is designed primarily for the occasional user, or where cure time is not a critical factor. It will cure clear coatings and adhesives fairly well with a UV cure head of the appropriate wavelength. Spotty-B is not recommended for fast production type applications

Dimensions: 6" L x 1.25" W x .875" H (with cure head)

Weight: .3 lbs (handpiece and cure head)

Optical Output power per wavelength:

356nm: 3mW/cm2
395nm: 7 mW/cm2
470nm: 20mW/cm2

Power requirements (powered by 12V DC output wall transformer):

110V 60 Hz input
220V 50 Hz input

Spotty-B Operation Manual

Spotty-B Information Sheet
Replacement parts and accessories can be found here:

Spotty-B replacement parts and accessories

Our Price: $97.00
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