SpotCure-B UV LED Cure System

SpotCure-B UV LED Cure System
SpotCure-B UV LED high power UV curing system is versatility in a small bench-top package. It can be used as a stand alone hand-held curing station where time can be controlled by the easy to use 10-60 second push button panel control, or controlled by optional footswitch. It can also be integrated into an automated system using PLC control.

SpotCure-B6 UV LED cure offers a choice of output wavelengths: 365nm, 405nm, or 460nm. To change the output wavelength, simply unplug the current curing probe and plug in the desired curing probe. This unit also emits a wide cure diameter if 12mm and gives an audible signal every 10 seconds. When using as a stand alone unit, activation is hands-free and accomplished by simply picking up the probe from the docking station - no switch to depress. Illumination will begin 1.5 seconds from probe pickup!

And though this unit will quickly cure any type of UV adhesive or material, the 405nm curing probe is specifically designed to cure Loctite 4304 and 4305 in as little as 5 seconds!


Input Power: Audo-ranging DC wall transformer (24VDC 500 ma): 90V-240V AC input

Optical Output Power:
365nm: 1 Watt/cm2
405nm:  1.2 Watts/cm2
460: 1.5 Watts/cm2

Timer: Yes 1-60 seconds / 10 second intervals.

Audible Signal: Yes - 10 seconds

Base Dimensions: 5.5" L x 3.3"  W x 1.75" H
Probe Dimensions: .2" Diameter x 5" L
Weight: .7 lbs
Probe Cable Length: 4 ft

SpotCure-B6 Information Sheet
SpotCure-B6 Operation Manual

Replacement parts and accessories for the SpotCure-B6 UV LED system can be found here:

SpotCure-B6 Replacement Parts and Accessories

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Item Options

Output Wavelength 365nm 405nm 460nm*

Optinal Footswitch


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