ELC-4100 UV Adhesive

ELC-4100 UV Adhesive
ELC-4100 is a one-part ultraviolet light curable adhesive designed especially for bonding UV transmitting polycarbonate and PVC. When exposed to suitable ultraviolet light, ELC-4100 cures very rapidly to form a durable, flexible, transparent bond. The composition of the adhesive has been tailored to achieve excellent adhesion to polycarbonates, while not inducing stress cracking under typical molded-in-stress levels.

ELC-4100 is designed for high durability and flexibility enhancing load transmitting and shock absorption in the bond area. It is well suited for automated dispensing.

ELC-4100 UV adhesive offers excellent adhesion and its low viscosity makes it easy to wick between parts.


Elongation @ break: 50%

Tensile strength @ break:  2,700 psi

Hardness, Shore D: 69\

Water absoption, ASTM D570: 3.0 % (2 hrs in boiling water)

Refractive index ND: 1.5066

Temperature Range: -65 F -260 F

Dielectric strength: ASTM D257 855 V/mil

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