ELC-4001 UV Flood Cure System

ELC-4001 UV Flood Cure System
ELC-4001 UV Flood Cure System
ELC-4001 UV Flood Cure System
The ELC-4001 Electro-Cure UV flood cure system incorporates a versatile modular design that can be easily integrated into automated manufacturing systems. The UV flood lamp module can be controlled from up to 25ft away, making this system ideal for use on a conveyer system, or where a larger area needs to be cured.

The ELC-4001 system includes power supply and lamp module with UV lamp with choice of output wavelength.

An optional curing frame with adjustable height allows the ELC-4001 to be used as a versatile stand alone curing chamber.

Dimensions - Lamp Module: 9" W x 8" D x 10" H

Weight - Lamp Module: 3.3 lbs
Weight - Power Supply: 6.4 lbs

Peak Wavelength - Choice:
290nm 365nm
420nm Optical

Power Output: 125 mW/cm2

Power Requirements: 120V 60Hz 220V 50 Hz

Lamp Power: 400 Watts
Lamp Type: UV Flood Lamp
(Lamp Contains Mercury. Manage in accordance with Disposal Laws. See www.lamprecycle.org or call 203-743-4059)

Exposure Area: 8" x 11"

ELC-4001 Information Sheet

Replacement Parts for the ELC-4001 UV Flood Cure System can be found here:

ELC-4001 Replacement Parts

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On Sale: $2,495.00
You Save: 2%
Item Options

Electrical Supply Voltage*

82039 ELC-4001 Curing Frame

Output Wavelength 290nm 365nm 420nm*


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