9V Battery Pack for Spotty UV Unit

9V Battery Pack for Spotty UV Unit
9VBP 9 Volt Battery Pack for the Spotty-B UV LED cure unit is a battery packs works with a standard 9 volt battery and will power the Spotty-B unit continually for days. The 9VBP includes 3' of wire to connect directly to the Spotty-B unit. The 9VBP also includes an ON/OFF switch and rubber feet so it can be used remotely on a bench-top.

9VBP shown with Spotty-B unit
Dimensions: 1.25" x 2.625" x .875"

Cable Length: 3 ft

Cable Termination: 2.5 mm DC jack, center positive

On/Off switch: Yes - slider

Our Price: $24.00

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