Hydrocolloid Duplicator - 3 Gallon

Hydrocolloid Duplicator - 3 Gallon
HydroColloid fully automatic duplicator for producing negative impressions used widely in the hearing aid and dental industries, as well as other applications. Clear colloid material can be used as a mold in conjunction with UV curable materials to produce plastic parts, hearing aid shells and ear molds, as well as dentures and other products.

This fully automatic colloid duplicator chops, cooks, conditions and returns the hydrocolloid material to storage temperature in approximately 2 hours. The compact tabletop design uses less than 2.3 square feet of counter space while providing a full 3 gallon (11.4 Liter) capacity for supplying full production output. Solid-state controls insure accurate, repeatable results while the constant digital temperature readout provides easy process management.. This automatic hydrocolloid duplicator includes a unique dispensing valve which insures trouble-free pouring while the convenient, lighted pour area enables easy dispensing. This is a self contained air-cooled unit with no Water or drain connections required.

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